Develop a passion for learning, if you do, you will never cease to grow
                                                                                             Anthony J Dangelo

Advantages of training for companies

Vocational training in organizations is fundamental because it is the quality of its human capital that makes its distinction on the market.


Vocational training is above all an investment for the company; This is an asset of competitiveness


A well-trained resource adds productivity to the company and improves service quality



Providing training to employees is a tool of loyalty and valorization of resources and improves the image of the company

Professional Satisfaction

Companies that offer opportunities for professional development are more attracted to good professionals.

Did you know that in Quebec companies with an income of more than $ 2 million are required by law to invest at least 1% in training activities?

                                                                                                                     Source :  Loi sur les compétences – Emploi Québec

Advantages of training for professionals


In a competitive market like today, people who do training are more often sought by companies. Following a professional training allows you to manage your professional development.

Increased performance and productivity

The training allows professionals to increase their performance and productivity with the development of new expertise and knowledge on their field of work.

Career evolution

A resource that develops new knowledge is more capable of meeting new challenges. This leads to promotions and wage increases.

Ease workplace adaptation

People are more easily tailored to the workplace when they do training.

Why choose ‘The Project Management Academy ‘?

  • Development of a training adapted to your needs and career goals.
  • Team of instructors composed by professionals with a lot of practical experience in project management
  • Consolidated pedagogical methodology among academic institutions such as the École des Sciences de la Gestion and LaSalle College where instructors teach.
  • Development of trainings aligned with your organizational objectives.
  • Training adapted to your learning condition (indoor, remote, hybrid) and to the needs of each person.
  • The courses use the content of PMstudy, a leader in project management training (PMP, Scrum Master, Pince2, etc.), which has already trained over 200,000 people around the world and is recognized for its effectiveness in Certifications in project management.

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